Prestashop plugin to sell digital goods

The connection of Automater system with Prestashop platform allows you to automatic sending codes or files to Clients after payment. The cost of handling each transaction is 1% of its value, but not less than 0,05$. Credits for store transactions are not charged - only commission is charged.

Example 1: transaction for amount of $1.00 = commission $0.05.
Example 2: transaction for amount of $100.00 = commission $1.00.

Automater plugin integrated with online store allows you to automatically:

  • connect products from the store with products on Automater
  • create a transaction in Automater after purchase in store
  • posting payments in Automater after payment in store
  • store inventory update based on the database codes count

plug-in installation instructions

If you have problems installing and configuring the plug-in, please contact by clicking here. However, to learn more about the wider possibilities of integration, we invite you to read our API documentation.

For additional information andhelp with configuration, see Help.