HotPay - sale of digital goods

The integration of Automater with HotPay allows for automatic support for 2 channel sales: PaySafeCard and Pay-by-Link and sending codes or files to Clients. Automater supports fast transfers Pay-by-Link . The cost of handling each transaction is 1% of its value, but not less than 5 cents. Credits for store transactions are not charged - only commission is charged.

Example 1: transaction for amount of $1.00 = commission $0.05.
Example 2: transaction for amount of $100.00 = commission $1.00.

To connect the Automater system with HotPay and sell virtual goods you must:

  1. Log in to your account at Automater (don't have an account? register account)
  2. From the menu in the system, select Products / Shop / Payment methods and set your ID from HotPay
  3. Next, create a code base in menu the code base / add a new database
  4. To code base add codes to be sold, eg. codes from PaySafeCard
  5. Next, add the product that you want sell in the menu Products / Shop / product list
  6. Once the product is added, buttons will be generated so that they can be placed on the website. You also have the option to add a shopping form to it check how to do it.
  7. You will find Buyers who have been served in the tab Customers / transaction list

For additional information andhelp with configuration, see Help.