PayPal - sale of digital goods

Connection of the Automater system with PayPal allows you to automatically handle sales and send codes or files to Clients after payment by express transfer. The cost of handling each transaction is 1% of its value, but not less than 5 cents. Credits for store transactions are not charged-only commission is charged.

Example 1: transaction for amount of $1.00 = commission $0.05.
Example 2: transaction for amount of $100.00 = commission $1.00.

Depending on the location of the Client, he/she will receive a message in one of five languages: Polish, English, Russian, Czech or German. International sales are therefore not an issue any more.

To connect the Automater system with PayPal and sell virtual goods you must:

  1. Log in to your account at Automater (don't have an account? register account)
  2. From the menu in the system, select Products / Shop / Payment methods and set your ID from PayPal
  3. Next, create a code base in menu the code base / add a new database
  4. To code base add codes to be sold, eg. codes from PaySafeCard
  5. Next, add the product that you want sell in the menu Products / Shop / product list
  6. Once the product is added, buttons will be generated so that they can be placed on the website. You also have the option to add a shopping form to it check how to do it.
  7. You will find Buyers who have been served in the tab Customers / transaction list

For additional information andhelp with configuration, see Help.