We will automatically send digital products to your customers from eBay and online stores.
We have already sent 26 377 481 products

How does Automater work?

The code you have purchased goes to your Client after 22 seconds!

  • Your Customer purchases product

    Automater sells it for you! You can configure it with both Allegro and eBay platforms and most payment intermediaries. Use our API for new trades and learn more!

  • You get a payment

    The system automatically receives the payment confirmation. However, if the Customer pays for the goods by wire transfer, you can note the payment manually.

  • Automater sends the code to Client

    When your Client receives a code message or when it is not delivered, you will get a direct notification. We will also provide you with a tool whereby the Customer can make a complaint.

Video presentation

Learn more about what it is and how doesour platform for automaticcodes shippingwork like.

Safety guarantee

We put our Customers ' security first, so you cantrustus fully. All data and transactions are strictly protected and secured in our database.

Connections encryption

All transactions are covered by the SSL protocol, ensuring total data confidentiality and the highest security standards.

2FA security

Even if your password is stolen, no one will be able to log in to your account - we secure it with two factor authentication.

  • 1 052 850 supported products
  • 21 636 004 served Buyers from around the world
  • 49,50 seconds this is the average time of shipping codes to your customers

That is how they speak about us

We want to meet the growing demands of our Customers, so we are constantly developing and creating new solutions.

  • The comprehensive of Automater is not only codes shipping, it also automates other aspects of selling digital products. Great quality, exemplary cooperation and technical support. I recommend!

    Dominik, Vertigo-Online.pl
  • Thanks to the system Automater.plcodes shipping is a pure pleasure. Intuitive administration panel, the ability to add codes in text form and in the form of a graphical file.

    Mariusz, Mobisoft.pl

Check what you will get with Automater

The most well-known system used to automate the sale and dispatch of digital products. At the moment, our services are used by 10000 registered retailers from around the world. Check it out and check by yourself!

  • One place to sell

    Automater integrates the most popular sales platforms and payment intermediaries. This allows you to monitor the sale of products on Allegro, eBay or online stores in one place. Additionally, Automater organizes the list of Customers and put them in an appropriate panel.

  • Safety and reliability

    You can rely on us. For several years Automater has been a leader in sales and shipping of digital products in Poland. We owe this to our experience, which makes us reliable and able to help you to sell your sales and ensure its security-every transaction is strictly secured.

  • Full automation

    Just connect the code base and monitor the auction or product. Automater will take care of the rest of it. It will generate a payment form, send codes to Customers, and, in case of product problems, make a complaint.

  • Online store

    On our server you can create a free online store. The sales commission of the product is 1% and we only charge it when the transaction occurs.

Connect Automater

Are you looking for simple and quick solutions? You can automate the sale and sending of buyer codes - all you need isto justintegrate Automater with the sales platform. You want to connect Automater with your site? Check our API or plugins for online stores.

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