Reliable system for sales automation and shipping digital goods purchased on eBay and online stores.

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How does Automater work?

Automater is an application that sells for you. All you have to do is set up your account once and Automater will do the rest.

  • Your Customer purchases product

    The advantage of Automater is that you can integrate it with such platforms as Allegro and eBay as well as with the majority of payment agents. You can use our API for new transactions.

  • You get a payment

    System automatically notes the confirmation of received payment. If the customer decides to make a traditional transfer, you will be able to book the payment manually.

  • Automater sends the code to Client

    When your customer opens a message with a code or it will not be delivered, you will receive a notification. Thanks to the complaint module, the Customer will be able to complaint the product.

Sell codes and files

Create a listing or add a product to the store and activate monitoring. Automater will detect the purchase and after payment send the product to the customer.

Codes and files are stored in encrypted code base. The code base can be connected to any monitoring. Messages with the product will be sent with content that you choose.

Sending and tracking messages

Thanks to the agreement with e-mail operators, you can be sure that all e-mails sent to your customers will be in the main inbox.

We will inform you when the customer opens the message with the product or it does not reach the recipient, e.g. due to the wrong e-mail address or no space in mailbox.

Transactions security

We put our Customers security first, so you can trust us fully. All data and transactions are strictly protected and secured in our database.

Even if your password is stolen, no one will be able to log in to your account - we secure it with two factor authentication.

Our customers opinions

We want our Customers to be fully satisfied with the services we offer. For this purpose, we constantly watch over their observations and proposals, because we believe that we can find even better solutions for our company together.

  • The most reliable automat on the market. Great support - reaction to submissions is almost immediate, without undue delay, even at odd night hours.

    Aneta, BlackKittyLLC
  • The comprehensive of Automater is not only codes shipping, it also automates other aspects of selling digital products. Great quality, exemplary cooperation and technical support. I recommend!

  • Thanks to the system Automater codes shipping is a pure pleasure. Intuitive administration panel, the ability to add codes in text form and in the form of a graphical file.

  • Automater is a simple way to save our time by automating Allegro auction service . A big plus are also transparent sales statistics. We totally recommend!


Connect Automater

Are you looking for simple and quick solutions? You can automate the sale and sending of buyer codes - all you need isto justintegrate Automater with the sales platform. You want to connect Automater with your site? Check our API or plugins for online stores.

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